In this post, we share a free advanced unlock tool, Miracle Advanced Android Tool  1.2. This is latest version of Miracle Box. You can use this tool totally free.

If you want the box, dongal for purchasing.Now Not need of any dongale. Because this tool is totally free. This tool is made for Windows Operating System and Smart and Android both device unlock from this tool. You can flash, unlock pin, unlock patteren and frp and Mi Account remove.

How we can Work It?

After Extraction of Folder. Open the folder and You see 3 more folder are given in it. If you not instal driver than instal driver and  after drivers instaation open the folder of setup. After Open setup foder you see a file name MAAT_1.2_LOADER. Open this file run as administrator and after some time Tool open.

You see many options are given in tool. like as 


Backup Tool

Root Tool







Fastboot Tools

Key Tool


Get Moemory Status

Exit Safe Mode

Fix Permission

Administators Mode


Defaulat Insta Location

Set To Auto

Set to Internal

Set to External

Android 4.xx

Reset Battery Tool


Read Info

Read Info Extended

Read Patteren Lock

Remove Patteren Lock

Remove Password Lock

Remoce Face/Voice Lock

Read Gamail I.D

Remove Gmail Account

Remove Signature Lock

Remove Fingerprint Lock

Adb Formate

Fastboot Formate



Go Recovery

Go Bootloader

Go Download Check Root


USB Port Seection

Auto Seection Port

Remove Pattern Lock

Remove Password Lock

Remove Pin Lock

Supported Model


Lunch Maat Nokia Tool

Download Nokia XUsb Drivers

Aso more option are given in it. Which option you required click on it. and done your work. It is so simple for using and working.

How we can Download It?

First you click on below mention Download button for downoading. when you download and extraction you can use it totally free. 

Note: This winrar file without any password. For more understanding Subscribe the AR Waly Youtube .

Download: Link