In this post, we share a new Earning Trick. Where Bogger and Website Owner Earn Maximum Level. This method call PPD ( Pay Per Downloading. If you have a data than you earn at maximum level. You just need to upload and take the share able link. Which post on your website or blogger.When any one click on that link. Than every downloading you earn. This new method adopted by people day by day more.

Here we share a most high turn out rate PPD Site. Where you can work and earn.

1).  User Cloud

2)   Share Cash

3)  Dollar Upload

4)  Indishare

5) File-upload

6) File4Net

1)  User Cloud

User cloud site is best hosted site, which are given more unlimited storage.PPD Site higly ramked by User Cloud Site. This site pay to user on every downloading and verfied from payout.

User Cloud: Link

2)  Share Cash

This PPD Site speed high recomneded for downloading. High speed Means High Income. So site Help in Uploading amd Downloading and thier Payout on minimum 10$. More People Showing Interest in It.So You upload data daily and earn daily.This site offer to serveys and old gaming site earning.

Share Cash: Link

3)  Dollar Upload

This PPD site offers a way to earn by more upload and hosting files. Viewers can even lock a link to content, this maximizing the earnings. Payment is secure as well as the minimum payout is $10. If you have no skill and not know about online earning than you upload maximum data and earn maximum earning. 

Dollar Upload: Link

4)  Indishare

This PPD website allow user to maximum Earning from thissite.Because this site also aow to mp4 and mp3 files. You can easily earn upload Trending Video and earn maximum Income.You can easily earn income after anser the question and payout is 10$. Payout method is Bank Transfe, Paypal and more.

Indishare: Link

5) File-upload

This site give maxiumum earning from uploading. Because this site is best PPD Website. Which giving trusted.  Most important this in this site.Thier Payout is only 1$ and you can download 1000 downloading earn 7$.

You can earn also from referal program. Your referal more earn your eaning also more.

File Upload: Link

6) File4Net

This PPD Site is also giving earning from downloading. Thier Payout minimum 1$. Earn maximum from downloading. So you upload maximum unique data and earn money from this. 
Thiey Payout Method is Bitcoin, Paypal, Banktransfer and etc.

File4Net: Link

So, More other website are giving you earning ways as PPD. You chose one or more site for maximum Earning.