I wil shared a File for Unlock of Jazz Wifi Device. This file is making for windows operation system. If you require these files than you having PC/Laptop. This files and Tools are totaly free. All process of unlocking given.

How we can Unlock?

First of all you require the file from given the link. After Download and Extraction you got a folder for unlocking device. Now you require the device power is On. and wifi connect to PC. And Open the default webgate and also this webgate are given on the back of Device. when you enter webgate address and open the gate. You show device is connected.  After this, Open Device Managaer and show the ports. IF PORT AND NOT SHOWING THAN CONNECT THE USB CABLE AND AND WAIT FOR

SOME TIME. if not show than run the File 'SCSI' from given folder. After this, port showing. After this now you run the "JAZZ MF927U BY GM SOLUTIONS" file.this file given the keygen for registered. After registered Exe Password is " GM ". And click on ok. You fie run. Now you require the open file " softreset ".and change the port number according to your PC port. After this now,you require load the Unlock file in too. you select file with file add button. and select Unlock by GM file. and play the file. After playing you load or double click on softeset file. after some time file run show in tool. 

Now you open dc unlocker. and select the howei modem and unknow modem. And select the port repectivly. After this search the button. a information show on your screen. now we are given commands for coding. and select the code one by one and paste in the dc unlocker. abd click to enter. file is ok. after some time device resart and run.Now you can change the sim of any network.

How to Download?

First of all, you click on below mention download button. a winrar file download without any password. and Exe password is " GM ". 

Download : Link