In this post, we told about a Tool for Unlocking and FRP. Media Teck Tool v2 is Free and Fully Activated. This tool is very helpful in unlocking and FRP only on 1 Click With out Test Point.  You can FRP of any Model without Bypass. This Tool Easy to access and Run without any subscription.

How we can Use ?

First of all you download Tool from below given link. When you download this tool. Then Extract the Folder. During Extracting, a Password Required. Password are also Mention in Video and Also mention below. 

After Extraction, Open the Folder of Extraction. In folder a Media Teak Universal Tool exe showing. Click on Exe Few Second later, Tool run on your Pc. Now at top of the tool, Two Option are shopping.

1). File

2). Tools

Click on Tool option. After Click on tool, More Option are Showing as,

Device Manager

Driver => UsbDk_1.0.22_x64

           => UsbDk_1.0.22_x86


And Now , Click on Driver and Install Driver of Your Widows Version. But my Window is 64bit, So
install 64 driver. 

After driver installation, Tool Open on your PC/Laptop Screen.

Left Hand Side Showing more 2 Option

1). Main 

Sub Option is,

. Auth Bypass

. Format Data

. Safe Format (Msc)

. Safe Format (Para)

. Erase FRP

. Erase FRP Samsung

. Erase Mi Account

. Unlock Bootloader

. Relock Bootloader

. Unlock Permanent 

. Remove Demo (Vivo)

. Remove Demo (Oppo)

. Eraase NV

. Read NV (Oppo Realme Vivo)

. Dump Preloader 

. Read Boot + VBMeta

Which Option you want to required and After this, Click on Start. 

2.) Adb

Adb Mode is more option showing,

. Read Information

. Factory Reset / Wipe (NoEncrpted)

. Remove FRP Lock Metode1

. Remove FRP Lock Metode2

. Remove Mi Account

. Disable Mi Account

. Relock Fix Mi Account

. Remove Samsung Account

. Factory Reset Xiaomi (Schedule Mode)

. Reboot Phone 

. Oppo/Realme OTA Update

. Enable Diag

. Remove Pattern Lock (Root)

After you choosing the selected Option. Then Click on  START. 

 Password: AR Waly