Today our blog on very interesting topic. We chose this topic due to people showing their interest in it. Topic name is ludo. People playing ludo in home before internet vision. This is the most and lucky time due to relatives together at one home .And play at all night ludo with each other. And Some times people play their cousins with Shart if any one win then lose person party to others all which play and see to their game. Believe me that is very real time and glod time from now.

Now,this is the internet time means online time. Everything is online. When everything is online so People want to earn Online. And Play online. So today our post about online game and online earning. Ludo game also help to you in earning and Play game.

How we can install and play Ludo online?

Today our topic is ludo game. You can download 3 types of ludo game from given below links.You can download any game and install on your mobile.After installation, open game and some permission granted from you, you allow to all permission. So niw home screen show on your mobile. Now play any type of game from this.

Today post also provide 3 types of ludo games.

1). Simple Ludo

2). Audio Ludo

3). Video Ludo

Simple Ludo

Means you can play this game with only text chatting. You can chat in text with gaming. Text purpose means your emotions share with other players at time of game but in text chat.

Audio Ludo

Means you can play game with live audio call at the time of game like as other player play at same place. You can share your emotions in your live voice at same time of game turning point. You can enjoy lot of world people.

Video Ludo

Means you can play game with video and audio call live at the time of playing game. You felling other person present at your location and play game same place like as local ludo game in Home 🏡.Also you share show your live video emotions to others which are creating in game point.

How we can earn money from ludo?
So, all above information about entertainment and enjoying movement, but you can also earn money from all games.Now you are thinking, how we can earn money from this. We tell all process about earning. Below mentioned some point s,

1). Share your Coins

2). Sale your Coins

3). Bet to others

3). Learn to Others

Share Your Coins

In this point, you win more and more coins from playing the game and collect coins from this. In this way, one you can increase your level and others collect coins from the play games. When you collected huge of coins, you can share your friends and deal money for sharing of coins. So this is very simple way of earn money.

Sale Your Coins

In this point, you can sale your coins to other people in the whole of world because other people want to coins to continue the game. If people having no coins so they can not play game. Due to this reason people want to purchase more and more coins from market. Your work only this collect coins and share information for sales of coins more and more at social media.

Bet to Others

In this point, you work in only play game but in bet mood. Bet mood means you can bet to your friends for winning like as games cricket. Win you decided, how much play to others when any one losse game. In this way, you can earn money from type of playing games. This very simple way which are using others players and other games.

Learn to Others

In this point, When you are genius in this game, you can learn to other person about installation and Setting, level increasing and collect to coins more and more. When you learn people at online or local you wants money for this.

So, Now Every person learn about this games and earning. In this way you entertainment and earn money from this types of games.All these games download links below given.