Today our blog on the topic of Live stream & Live Streaming on YouTube Channel from Mobile phone. You may be known about how you can stream from Your Pocket Phone. And this blog must you help you in Live Streaming in Channel YouTube Channel. When you know and complete learn then you can complete Watch Time of your channel easily. So You must download the app from below given Link.

How to be install and Run on Phone?

When you download the from the given link. After this you install and open the app. After open the app, app first screen show . On this screen you see you can login eith three option but you login with youtube I.D login. YouTube I.D means that I.d on which you make YouTube Channel. Afyer login dome permission and Password required .You allow to all option and password. When you complete The process, app show their own setting like as microphone πŸŽ€ Permission, Camera πŸ“Έ Permission, Gallery saving allow all the permission. So after this, app show their live Broadcasting screen. If you want more of option show on the screen then you choose at corner, three lines. And click on editor. Here you can more option will be add like as camera πŸ“Έ for you face also on live stream, screen add, Text and many more.

When you add all the complete process, a screen will be show of live stream. Here you choose center option of live stream .this option will be show in red button. Click on this. Here some option also show in log box. You choose first option. And auto login in With the channel streaming.
Now you can check this on another phone πŸ“±.