In today's blog we will tell you about a relief package given by the government of Pakistan to provide relief to the people. This package has caused economic problems with the corona virus. For this reason, the government of Pakistan has given funds to all the provinces an order has been issued.

Keeping this order in mind, the Punjab government has introduced an app called "Insaf Amdad". You can apply online on this app to get money from it. The complete procedure is given below.

Complete way to get support money.
You must first download the app from the link below. After downloading, install the app. Now open the app.
Once open, there will be an online form show.

It will ask you for some data. As


ID Card Number

Mobile Number

The following people cannot apply for a financial program.

* Current service or retired government or semi-government employees.
*Beneficiaries of another welfare scheme

* Utility bill is more than 10000 per month.

*Owner of any type of vehicle (except motorcycle, rickshaw - Chung Chi)

Be sure to check the above conditions. If you do not have any service or item as per the above condition, you should apply.


Take the affidavit carefully.

Now that you have completed the form, click on the √ tick after reading the affidavit.

You will have a pope your message show.

Do you want to submit the form?

Yes . . . Or. . . . No

Clicking Yes will submit your form.

And give you your application number.

Which will be your identity card number.