How can we play games offline on the internet?
Today's blog is not about an app or a computer trick, but today we will tell you about some entertainment in this blog, how you can use your mobile or computer laptop if you don't have any game app or internet package. 

You can play games made on the internet using the top, or if you have run out of internet or your internet is not working due to some other technical issue, then today's tricks are going to be very important for you, because now You can play games on your mobile without installing games without internet and safe from boredom.

How to use?

First you have to download and install Google Chrome on your mobile or PC. Once you have installed, open Google Chrome. After opening, it will be online on the internet for a while. Now turn off the internet. Line up So you will have a bird show in front of you as shown in the picture below.

Now you have to avoid obstacles and other birds in your path and your score will also increase. As long as you play it will also increase its speed. Maybe many of you know about this game.

Yes, but even if you don't know, today's blog will help you.