Brooker Law, PLLC

750 N Saint Paul St Ste 600, Dallas, TX 75201Facebook Brooker Law, PLLC—led by award-winning trial lawyer, Chip Brooker—represents individuals and families in Dallas and throughout Texas in wrongful death and serious personal injury cases resulting from truck wrecks,

commercial motor vehicle crashes, dangerous and defective products, explosions and burns, on-the-job injuries, sexual assault, and professional negligence among other claims.  

The firm has experience handling cases involving traumatic brain injuries, amputations, burns, and paralysis, including paraplegia and quadriplegia. U.S. News and World Report rank Brooker Law, PLLC as one of the few Tier 1 firms in Dallas for Plaintiffs Personal Injury Litigation. Known as a gifted storyteller at trial, Chip Brooker’s accolades include repeated listings in The Best Lawyers in America; Texas Super Lawyers; D Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Dallas, and Lawdragon, Inc.’s listing of the nation’s 500 Leading Plaintiff’s Consumer Lawyers. Contact Brooker Law, PLLC today for a free initial consultation.

Cole Law

3090 Nowitzki Way Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75219 Cole Law is a Dallas-based law firm that specializes in handling personal injury cases. Founding attorney Michael Cole received his Juris Doctorate from the Texas Tech University School of Law and has been representing truck accident and other personal injury victims in Dallas for nearly five years. Cole focuses on truck accident cases where the victim is injured due to another person’s negligence and assists them in recovering maximum financial compensation for their injuries. Cole Law also handles commercial litigation.  

Angelley, P.C.

2911 Turtle Creek Blvd Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75219Facebook Angelley PC is a law firm comprised of a team of truck accident attorneys in Dallas. In many cases the firm works on behalf of clients who have been hospitalized for extensive injuries and who may be facing financial hardships associated with the destruction of vehicles and personal property along with their inability to work. The firm delineates their losses and uses them to support arguments demanding compensation from those responsible. If negotiation fails, it will represent clients in court.

Bober Law Firm

10440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75231Facebook


Bober Law Firm offers legal counseling to truck accident victims and their families in Dallas. It helps clients negotiate or fight for compensation for the injuries and damages, such as medical bills. It collaborates with the clients to create a treatment plan for the injuries to get back to their daily routine. It uses HIPAA-compliant case management software that allows clients to work with their lawyers in real-time. Its principal lawyer, Colin B. Bober, is a certified Attorney Ad Litem.

Clark Law Group

2201 Main St Ste 1250, Dallas, TX 75201 Clark Law Group is a Dallas-based practice assisting clients injured in truck accidents. The firm helps hurt and financially impacted individuals to sue for restitution, defending their interests as it pursues negligent parties on their behalf. It collects evidence and manages documents to bolster arguments for compensation. If negligent parties cannot be convinced to fulfil financial demands the firm will present cases in court for a judgement. Clark Law Group also handles elevator and workplace injuries.

Forester Haynie

400 N Saint Paul St Ste 700, Dallas, TX 75201 Forester Haynie is a law firm serving the Dallas metro area that represents clients in litigation concerning truck accidents. The firm ensures that clients receive adequate treatment and that this treatment is documented as evidence to be used in their case against negligent parties. It also investigates other areas of concern and protects clients from having their rights violated throughout the process of filing suit. The firm represents clients in discussions with negligent parties, usually attempting workouts to secure acceptable settlements.

Frenkel & Frenkel

12700 Park Central Dr Ste 1900, Dallas, TX 75251 Frenkel & Frenkel is a law firm of truck accident lawyers in Dallas. The firm works on behalf of often severely injured clients to hold negligent parties responsible for the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, property damage, and intangible harms such as pain and suffering or psychological trauma. In usual cases the firm collects evidence and negotiates with opposing council as well as insurance adjusters to receive the highest possible award for clients.

Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C.

4245 N Central Expy Ste 250, Dallas, TX 75205 Gagnon, Peacock, & Vereeke PC is a Dallas-based firm representing clients throughout the metro area in truck and car accident cases. The firm provides assistance with filing formal claims, documenting evidence, and pursuing compensation through correspondence with negligent parties. It fights on behalf of clients in negotiations, where it attempts to illustrate the strength of claims to those responsible and settle for monetary amounts deemed proportional to the harms caused. Gagnon, Peacock, & Vereeke PC also handles medical malpractice injury cases.

Kastl Law, P.C.

Dallas, TX 75204Facebook Kastl Law, P.C is a Dallas-based personal injury law firm that provides legal representation for victims of truck accidents, car accidents, wrongful death, and other personal injuries. The firm offers free initial consultations for truck accident victims, and their attorneys are well-experienced in representing the victims of serious truck accidents, including those involving large 18-wheeler trucks. Founding attorney Kristina N. Kastl is an award-winning litigator and specializes in litigating all types of personal injury cases.

Kearney Law Firm, PLLC

4310 N. Central Exwy., Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75206 Kearney Law Firm PLLC is a Dallas-based practice helping those hurt in truck and car accidents to pursue compensation. The firm communicates on behalf of clients with law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and representatives of negligent parties to recover the highest possible financial reward possible for their losses. Its team of truck crash lawyers in Dallas spearheads a negotiation phase, first attempting to settle with those responsible for an amount considered acceptable before resorting to trial proceedings if the former methods fails.

Law Office of Brian Brunson, PLLC

2911 Turtle Creek Blvd Ste 300 Rm 27, Dallas, TX 75219 Law Office of Brian Brunson PLLC is located in Dallas and manages truck accident litigation for clients throughout the metro area. It provides consultation and representation, helping clients to understand their rights and choose the most strategic avenue of legal recourse following injury in an accident, which is most often filing a lawsuit. The team of truck accident attorneys in Dallas handles paperwork and acts as a buffer between clients and the public while conducting parleys with insurance adjusters and opposing parties in an attempt to settle for an acceptable amount.  
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